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Competences of the Administration of Labské pískovce PLA

The administration of Labske Piskovce PLA is competent to execute state nature conservation administration in Labské Pískovce PLA.

Its competence has been enlarged recently due to an amendment to Act No. 114/1992 Coll. on nature and landscape protection on April 28th 2004 affecting Ministry of Environment measure No. 1/04, which changes the designation of the  Administration of Landscape Protected Areas of the Czech Republic to the Nature Conservation Authority, and also due to an organisational measure of the NCA director (No.1).

The administration of Labské Pískovce PLA grants exceptions regarding highly and critically endangered species in these municipalities with extended competence: Děčín (territory of PLA Labské Pískovce), Rumburk, Ostrov, Kadaň, Chomutov, Litvínov, Teplice and part of the administration area of Ústí nad Labem (that part of the administration area lying between the state border and the border of the SPA). In the context of the PLA area, it is also competent regarding vulnerable plant and animal species.

The PLA Administration is competent to demand identification and origin of endangered and critically endangered plant and animal species in the PLA territory. It also keeps records of them.

Another change concerns

  • the national nature reserves Božidarské Rašeliniště, Doupňák, Jezerka, Novodomské Rašeliniště, Úhošť national nature monument Ciboušov managed by the PLA Administration.

Furthermore, the PLA Administration grants approvals for planning and investments in the SPAs in the area of extended competence, inside the PLA, in national nature reserves or national nature monuments.

PLA Administration Labské pískovce


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