The forests on the territory of the PLA have undergone a great transformation in their species composition in the recent decades, and in the case of all forest land owners. As society has changed, so has the function of the forest, changing its emphasis on timber production to focus on water retention, soil protection, promoting ecological stability, recreational and landscape formation. For these reasons and to prevent further forest calamities, large numbers of beech, oak, fir, elm and lime have been planted using seeds and saplings adapted to the local conditions. The local ecotypes of spruce and pine forest, which are adapted to the tough local conditions of the areas, are of great natural value. Because of this, gene banks for the local varieties of lowland spruce and Jetřichovice pine have been established at Doubice and for mountain Pine at Kristin Hrádek by the Děčín forestry service. The gene archives will help to conserve these species. By taking grafts and collecting seeds we can ensure a supply of native seedlings for forest renewal.

The richest forest area in the PLA, the right bank of the Labe river is nominated to become a National Nature Reserve.

The administration of Labské pískovce PLA carries out activities to conserve and renew valuable natural or close-to-natural localities, to support endangered plant and animal species and to inform and educate the public. Examples of these activities are:

  • Guarding peregrine falcon nests against disturbance and theft of eggs and young
  • Caring for protected animal and plant species
  • Forming and renewal of small water surfaces
  • Measures to protect meadow and wetland communities
  • Caring for Tree Monuments and other significant trees
  • Caring for the gene fund of native tree species
  • Preparing, signposting and caring for Nature Reserves and Nature Monuments
  • Preserving and increasing the biodiversity in forest growths
  • Building and maintaining public information systems
  • Restricting the occurrence of non-native, invasive plant species.

PLA Administration Labské pískovce


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Regionální pracoviště
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